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Our Values

Clients are our top priority.

We will be responsive and compassionate to the needs of those in our care.


True compassion

We maintain a deep commitment to demonstrate empathy, sensitivity, and integrity with all people utilising our services


Uncompromised standards

We are dedicated to life-long learning and the highest possible standards of quality, efficiency, professionalism, and client care.


Safety and Confidentiality

We are dedicated to maintaining a safe, positive environment for our clients and staff that ensures client confidentiality


We are highly committed to a supportive, collaborative teamwork approach that enhances creativity for clinically excellent, effective service delivery


Family friendly

We prioritise the health, well-being and lifestyle of our team and their family



We are passionate about making a real difference through:

  • Continuously contributing to building a stronger, more resilient community.

  • Leaving the planet in better shape for future generations

  • Ensuring our organisation continues to provide services well into the future



To be an organisation that provides excellent mental health care for members of the wider NE Victorian community that effectively improves the quality of life for each client.


  • Become a leader in clinical excellence in the Hume Region and beyond by exceeding expectations and a commitment to continuous improvement

  • Provide a friendly, inviting, safe, and caring environment for our valued clients, clinicians and staff members

  • Continuously deliver client services beyond expectations 

  • Be the mental health partner of choice for GPs and other service providers because they know we take excellent care of their patients

  • Assist every client achieve improved mental health through clinicians' utilisation of evidence-based, best practice mental health care

  • Be a workplace of choice by building a culture and environment that promotes education, trust, and dedication through supportive teamwork

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