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How can we help


If you are feeling that have been unsupported for some time with a problem that you don’t fully understand, we are here to help.

Perhaps you are under stress at work. Maybe you’re having relationship troubles. Or perhaps you have been struggling with anxiety and depression.

Whatever the reason, you may benefit from seeing a clinician at Hume Psychology.

There are many symptoms and causes of unhappiness, confusion, turmoil, or distress.

For example:

  • food and eating problems

  • obsessive thoughts

  • compulsive habits

  • long-standing sleep problems

  • chronic illness and pain

  • addiction



Dedicated support


Our caring, dedicated, and experienced counsellors and psychologists are here to help you safely explore and better understand your situation and offer genuine emotional support.

Everyone has different situations. Our psychologists will work with you to help identify a tailored and appropriate strategies to help you have a sense of personal control over your well-being and happiness. 

We can also assist you to build stronger support networks so you can continue working on improving your mental health outside of your counselling sessions.




Anxiety Disorders




Panic Disorder

Social Anxiety






Personality Disorders



Borderline personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder

obsessive-compulsive disorder

Paranoid personality disorder

Schizoid personality disorder


Mood Disorders



Bipolar disorder



Eating Disorders



binge eating disorder

bulimia nervosa

anorexia nervosa

other specified feeding or eating disorder



Trauma related Disorders




Post-traumatic stress disorder


Substance abuse Disorders




Alcohol abuse

Drug addiction

Prescription Drug Misuse


Psychotic Disorders




  Acute Psychotic Disorder
  Adjustment Disorder
  Alcohol Use Disorder
  Attachment Concerns
  Anxiety Disorders
  Assertiveness Skills
    Behavioural Issues   Alt 254    
    Bereavement Disorder
   Bipolar Disorder   Alt 16

 Chronic Psychotic Disorder
✓ Conduct Disorder
✓ Depression

✓ Dissociative Disorder  ●   •
✓ Drug Use Disorder

✓ Eating Disorder
✓ Generalised Anxiety Disorder
✓ Mixed Depression & Anxiety
✓ Pain Disorder
✓ Panic Disorder
✓ Perfectionism and Self-Criticism
✓ Personality Disorder
✓ Phobic Disorder
✓ Relationship Difficulties
✓ Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence Issues
✓ Self-Harm Behaviours
✓ Sleeping Problems
✓ Stress & Coping
✓ Unexplained Somatic Conditions

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